John Deere Series 2600 Disc Harrows


John Deere

The 2600 Series disc harrows are the most reliable, powerful and high-duty implements. The disk bolt is now 51 mm in diameter – the most powerful in the industry – and fitted with C-springs for easy tensioning. Moreover, each disk now weighs 60% more. The sturdy disks provide tillage of solid soil up to 20 cm deep or chopping and incorporation of crop residue in a single pass. Two new models are available for varying field conditions.

The dual-purpose 2623 disc harrows are suitable both during seedbed preparation in spring and heavy residue management in fall.

The 2623VT disc harrow is a flexible tool you can use for primary or secondary tillage. It delivers aggressive sizing and chopping ability in tough residue in fall – while helping create an ideal seedbed.

Model 2623 2623VT
Working depth up to 15 cm up to 7.5 cm
Blade spacing 23 cm 18.5 cm
Minimum power requirement (PTO) от 156 hp от 221 hp
Blade size 61 or 66 cm 56 cm