John Deere Н Series Front Loaders


John Deere

Our new John Deere H Series Front loaders are the perfect match for your tractor. They are easy to mount and maintain. And they also deliver outstanding visibility and performance for years on end with little maintenance. Thanks to advanced automation technology like Electronic Self Levelling and Return to Position, even less skilled operators can now perform repetitive tasks productively. Whatever model of John Deere you run, the nodular cast iron mounting frames fit perfectly – for greater flexibility, improved fender clearance, full manoeuvrability and easy access to the engine. The improved mounting frame also ensures a long-lasting durability.

Model Н380 Н480
Lift capacity (full height) 1949 kg (pivot) 2311 kg (pivot)
Maximum lift height 4504 mm 4735 mm
Clearance (full height) 4296 mm (bucket level) 4528 mm (bucket level)
Cycle times (loader raise) 2,8 с 3,32 с