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John Deere JDLink/Telematic


John Deere

JDLink telematics solutions let you track all your machines and applications wherever you have an Internet connection. You simply log on at www.jdlink.com.

There are two types of JDLink telematics systems: JDLink Select и JDLink Ultimate.

JDLink Select

JDLink Select is an excellent entry-level to remote machine monitoring providing location based data. It really comes into its own when optimizing machine logistics for mixed fleets and can make a huge difference to the overall efficiency and speed of tasks. 

- Geo-fence individual machines
- Monitor machine hours
- Plan maintenance

JDLink Ultimate

A powerful tool for optimizing your fuel consumption and performance, JDLink Ultimate connects to the CAN Bus system on your machine to give you access to all essential performance data. 

- Improve fuel efficiency
- Increase machine utilization
- Obtain valuable diagnostics