John Deere 3810/3910 Reversible Ploughs


John Deere

John Deere offers innovative 3810 and 3910 semi-mounted reversible ploughs. The complete model line includes ploughs with rigid and flexible frames ranging between 5 and 13 furrows. The 3810 and 3910  ploughs are an ideal choice for John Deere 8R and 9R tractors from 285  to 560 hp.

Model 3810 plough, rigid frame, in-furrow 3810 plough, rigid frame, in-furrow and out-furrow 3910 plough, adaptive frame, in-furrow and out-furrow
Number of furrows 5-9 5-8 9-13
Frame Z-type frame Z-type frame Z-type frame
Recommended tractor capacity 130-300 140-310 310-460