John Deere 2720 Disc Ripper


John Deere

John Deere 2720 Disk ripper is perfectly suited for basic tillage. The most robust disc ripper ensures uninterrupted operation in any conditions. It has an easy job with manipulations as crop residues chopping and distribution, penetrating and shattering the compaction layer, crop residues covering and mixing and soil levelling. The new John Deere 2720 disk ripper performs all these tasks in just one pass. Model 2720 combines John Deere’s proven technologies of tillage with the modern revolutionary solutions. Reinforced frame fits to couple with the most powerful tractors and offers the new standard of reliability.               

Model 2720
Cultivation depth up to 40 cm
Space between discs 280 mm
Minimum power requirements 35-55 hp per section
Disc diametr 610 mm