John Deere 6 B Series Tractors


John Deere

The new John Deere 6 В Series Tractors are powerful, reliable and versatile. They are designed for heavy-duty agricultural operation. John Deere 6B Series Tractors make a short work of tillage, cultivating, fertilizer application and pest control due to high-performance systems. Moreover, they are able to work with the same efficiency in the field, in the pasture or in the yard and can be used both for transportation and work with wheel loader. 6 B Series Tractors are offered as Standard and Premium sets which allows to meet the customers’ requirements.

Model 6095 В 6110 B 6135 B
Specified power (97/68EC) 95 hp 110 hp 135 hp
Max hydro flow 60 l/min 60 l/min 60 l/min
Max carrying capacity 2450 kg 3060 kg 3170 kg
Fuel tank capacity 150 l 220 l 220 l