Fliegl ISOBUS Weighing System



With task controller interface – covers all manufacturers.

• Report on the traceability of foodstuffs;
• Reference to the origin of the foodstuffs;
• Documentation of the destination Warehouse;
• Proof for the farmer of the subsequent trade;
• Full overview of the transport activities thanks to GreenStar Business Pack;
• Functionality on the gathering of all important details of the transport. This allows for the accurate reporting and invoicing to the customer.


• Uninterrupted recoding of the transport route;
• Recording of the loading and unloading operations a) Date and time, b) GPS position – start and destination, c) Weight – automatic acquisition via ISOBUS;
• High accuracy: ± 0.5 % of the payload or ± 50 kg;
• Hydraulic suspension is not necessary – saving time and money;
• Timely weighing of the harvest goods in the field – even on slopes;
• No journeys to the nearest vehicle scales.