Fliegl Bull Dump Trailer


John Deere

• Tandem and Tri-axle variants available;
• 20,000 to 30,000 kg total weight;
• Stability because of the low center of gravity;
• Low frame protrusion helps with the stability of the trailer during dumping;
• Dump trailer with screw-on sideboard elements;
• Loading volume of up to 37 m³ possible;
• Suitable for the heaviest of stones;
• Axle assembly Gigant;
• Sprung draw gear;
• Draw bar for upper and lower hitching.

The dump trailer BULL from Fliegl is a real payload giant.
With the new BULL production series of robust dumper trailers Fliegl fulfills the highest requirements for flexibility, quality, safety, service life and constructive finesse.

All dump trailers of the BULL production series are equipped with a conical shaped trough that opens out towards the rear, with this even clumpy loads slide out readily making the trailer easier to empty.

The vehicles frame is made of torsion resistant extra strong hollow frame support profiles and not, as is the case with other dump trailers, out of welded U profiles. Because of this the frame of the Fliegl dump trailer does not twist, thus offering high stability during dumping. Upper or lower hitching, side board elements, low center of gravity

Optional: folding side boards.