Fliegl TDMK Three way Dumper



On the basis of the new dumper generation Fliegl has also made a new three sided dumper. This also offers more loading capacity and a lower unladen weight, combined with the full flexibility of unloading from the left, the right or from the back.

The stability of the standard original Fliegl wide track chassis and the professional frame with rotatable tow bar is unchanged with the new dumpers.

• Tandem Three sided Dumper from 14 to 33 tonnes total weight;
• Double-axle Three Way Dumper from 18 tonnes total weight from 4.64 to 7.15 metres;
• Professional Frame;
• Rotating tow bar for upper and lower hitching;
• Titan tandem assembly with parabola springs from 4.65 to 5.30 metres;
• Gigant assembly with parabolic springs from 5.65 to 7.15 metres;
• Unique, the Fliegl wide track chassis for the best stability;
• Extra large corner stanchions.