Fliegl Overhead Screw Conveyor


John Deere

• Overhead screw conveyor for corn silage with a unloading capacity of 14 m³ per min.
• Overhead screw conveyor for cereal crops with a unloading capacity of up to 350 tonnes per hour.
• Overhead screw conveyor with milling drums for silage, wood chips, dry chicken dung etc. unloading capacity of up to 14 m³ per min.

Overhead screw conveyor closes holes

The new design of high power overhead loading auger, Model 600 (tube diameter 60 cm) complements the overhead loading in Combi Transport. Like the overhead loading station it closes a hole in the work chain on one side between harvest and silage or extraction of compost or wood chips and on the other side remote transport of the respective harvest goods or products produced.

Depending on the use and location the unloading auger feeds the goods to the field edge on field tracks or on logging roads on HGVs for remote transport to flat silos, bunker cells or storage tanks for biogas plants. Advantages: Farmers and energy authorities, contractors, transport agencies, compost businesses and sawmills, can use the original Fliegl push-off trailer for a variety of tasks all year round. It can feed many different and difficult to handle goods such as corn, grass, all types of silage, wood chips, without problems to a height of 5.30 metres.

The even feeding of the product to the overhead screw conveyor at the rear of the overhead loading vehicle can be automated with electronic control. It regulates the feed of the sliding floor and prevents blockages on the distribution rollers,and the feed augers. In this way the usual impact load on the power take-off shaft is drastically reduced. Energy is also saved. As a result the overhead loading power increases. In practice very high unloading power have been measured, for example with wood chips up to 14.0 , with grass silage up to 10.0 m³/min, and with corn silage up to 12.0 m³/min.

The electronic control system (VarioSens ISOBUS) relives the driver: He is not required to continually control and regulate the flow of the goods to the distribution rollers, feed augers and overhead loading augers. The is done by sensors, that control the feed of the sliding floor via a regulator. In the case of dense material flow the speed is reduced and with lower material flow it is increased. An on-board computer allows particular values to be specifically input according to the material, which guarantees an even and continual feed to the feed augers and conveyor screw.