Fliegl Transfer Trailer



Hydraulically powered swiveling overhead screw conveyor.

• Hydraulicly powered swiveling overhead screw conveyor;
• Transfer power about 350 tonnes per hour Available as single-axle, tandem, tri-axle and quad-axle;
• 20 m³, 30 m³ and 40m³ volumes;
• Longitudinal screw conveyor on container base with hydraulic closing mechanisum. Screw conveyor diameter 420 mm;
• Viewing window and ladder on the front plate;
• Lower hitching towbar.

Customized additional equipment:

• Tarpaulin accessible from the ground;
• Single-sided universal joint shaft, wide angle with friction clutch/tow side• Weighing electronics with six load cells;
• Dosing hose – add on hose ø 150 mm 40 km/h performance with vehicle registration;
• Steerable rear axle (ULW 20 Tandem).