Fliegl Screw Conveyor Dispenser Garant



No blockages, close to the soil, even distribution – even on slopes! The patented screw conveyor dispenser brings the nutrients to where they belong: directly into the soil. Good for growth and good for the environment.

• Working widths from 6 m to 24 m;
• Liquid manure screw dispenser (stainless steel auger and lower trough, galvanized face plate, with externally mounted oil motor, storage box and flow regulation valve with 2 way control block and time relay);
• Oil motor for screw dispenser, with interim storage for less wear and longer service life;
• Proved 1000 times over;
• A transport securing system for ensuring safe road transport, with hydraulic locking and unlocking and a storage box for foreign bodies – mechanical or hydraulic emptying are standard;
• Weight optimized (torsionally stiff – in a welded construction);
• Direct application of the liquid manure via hoses to the soil;
• Automatic folding-up of the hoses (via cable pull – hydraulic optional);
• Anti-drop system;
• Low energy requirement;
• Low wear and tear;
• Sprung row spacer.