Fliegl Spreader Mechanism



Spreader Mechanisms for Fliegl push-off trailers

Fliegl spreader mechanisms spread the most varied of materials onto farmland – on time, precisely and evenly. They guarantee the ideal effect of the fertilizer. This saves time and money, meaning the sub-conttractor does not have to buy as much artificial fertilizer.

Fliegl holds environmental protection to be just as important as cultivation measures and economic forces. Fliegl achieves peaks figures for spreading widths of up to 22 metres, thanks to the newly developed ejector shovels in connection with an optional rear lamp. Spreader mechanisms from Fliegl are suitable for all Fliegl push-off trailers. In this way they can load and unload in a simple way and can be upgraded at any time.

Fliegl's spreader mechanism program includes the models “Standard” for lower height push-off trailers, plus “Compact” and “Profi”. The spreader mechanism “Profi” is equipped with an automatic feed rate regulator, which works automatically and guarantees a completely even spread pattern. The DLG (German Agricultural Society) has independently tested the “Priofi” spreader mechanism and confirmed its results.

Ejector shovel "Speed"

Fliegl's spreader mechanisms “Profi” and “Profi 2012” have a new design of ejector shovel that use centrifugal force. They are no longer rigid but mounted flexibly so they fold back when, for example, they hit by a stone. In this way the drive is protected and the sevice life of the attachment is increased. Fliegl have also improved the ejection performance.

"Standart" and "Profi Compact" spreaders

Increasing environmental regulations on the one hand, combined with horticultural aspects and economic constraints on the other, mean that today a spreading technology is required that allows an even, on schedule and soil friendly spreading of different materials on agricultural land.

• Universal usable with all spreading materials, e. g. cow and poultry dung, bulk and viscous materials such as sewage sludge, compost etc.;
• Fine and wide fan output can be adjusted;
• Spreader mechanism with standing rollers and enormous through-put power - best suited for silo distribution in a flat silo;
• Torque controlled feed rate regulation as standard, for a continual constant spread quantity (optional).