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NivaControl Reporting, Data Integration with 1C Accounting Software Applicatio


NivaControl software automatically compiles primary accounting documents: tractor operator’s log sheet (excluding any possible mistakes or inaccuracies resulting from manual introduction of data) and field operation reports. These documents are further downloaded into 1C software application and used for salary calculation and fuel write-off.

​Downloading fuel consumption data

Compilation of convenient machine operation reports

The NivaControl application will facilitate the work of the accounting office, reduce costs and enable you to take a different look at your business. Advantages:

— Reduction of salary costs by eliminating record keepers’ salaries;

— Fuel cost reduction and monitoring;

— Compilation of daily and monthly reports;

— Elimination of the human factor;

— Integration of field operations data into the 1C Accounting software application;

— Simple and quick planning of consumable materials demand

Reports for the period

Fuel control Diagram