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NivaControl Precision Farming


NivaControl System allows you to monitor seeding efficiency on every square meter of your fields by means of differentiated seeding and application of fertiliser and chemicals. The economic effect of implementing precision farming is especially significant if the chemical and physical properties of soil differ considerably within the same field. ​







Seeding and differentiated fertiliser application

Differentiated seeding is an optimum solution for fields with compound relief, variable moisture content and mechanical composition of the soil.

Differentiated application of fertiliser and chemicals via the NivaControl system allows you to cater to all the “needs” of the fields on the basis of soil test maps and differentiated application maps (generated by the system software). By introducing NivaControl, you will be able to leave behind the system of average calculation of application rate for the whole field which has a negative effect on the amount and quality of the harvest, fertility and ecological condition of the field.

​Differentiated fertiliser application map

Efficiency of differentiated application of phosphorus-containing fertiliser