Westfield Portable Augers



Westfield Grain Augers (conveyors) are designed to handle all types of free-flowing and granular materials. The grain size is important, and the material should not be sticky. The conveyors are suited for transportation of grain, rape, granules, granular or dry artificial fertilisers.

The electrical-drive portable augers for free-flowing material handling are mounted onto a wide transport wheel kit. The height of the auger is easily adjusted by a cable winch. The equipment is fitted with a hitch.

Model WR100 - 41 EMD with electric drive WR100 - 61 EMD WR100 - 71 EMD
Capacity, t/h 80-150 80-150 80-150
Electric motor output, kW 12 15 15
Length, m 12.5 18.5 22
Discharge height, m 12.5 14 22
Transport width, m 2.2 3 3
Equipment - intake hopper, round (0.5 m diameter);- discharge hood;-power-drive station- chassis - intake hopper, round (0.5 m diameter);-discharge hood;- power-drive station- chassis - intake hopper, round (0.5 m diameter)-discharge hood;-power-drive station- chassis