LMC (Canada)



The LMC screen separator

LMC grain cleaners are designed for preliminary market cleaning of grain of cereals to remove lightweight, oversized and small-sized weed and foreign grain seeds which may be separated by air flow and screens. They are used for pre-cleaning, food and seed cleaning of leguminous, industrial crops, oil-plants, and grass seeds.


The standard screen system consists of two wire sieves moved by connecting- rods. The stable work of the machine is due to the eccentric movement balance. The sieve boot makes the balls move randomly over the screen bottom cleaning the screens. For higher cleaning quality, the LMC screen separators can be complemented with aspirators of the corresponding size.

Model capacity, t/h Area of screens, m2
LMC 4820D 50 14.8
LMC 6020D 75 18.5
LMC 7220D 100 22.3




LMC Aspirators are designed for product separation by density and aerodynamic profile. Multiple configurations are available to provide an optimum performance and maximum flexibility. Applications for aspirators include agricultural products, chemicals and wood products. 

Model capacity, m3/h
LMC 486 10,000
LMC 606 12,000
LMC 726 17,000
LMC 846 25,000




In-feed sides 7 gauge carbon steel;

14 gauge bolted carbon steel construction;

Vernier controlled air bleed;

Analog monitoring package;

Magnehelic gauge;

Rack and pinion in-feed gate;

Outfall tanks with airlock or auger discharge;

Vibratory in-feed pan.

LMC Centrifugal separators

The LMC centrifugal separator (scalperator) separates large straws and other impurities to prevent blockage and slowdown in the grain cleaning equipment. The LMC scalperators are installed in the grain receiving stations and grain collecting enterprises.

LMC Centrifugal separators are used for grain pre-cleaning by way of fractionation.

Model capacity, t/h Area of screens, m2
LMC-2D6S-6000 150 16.5
LMC-2D6S-4000 100 14
LMC-1D3S-3000 75 8.2
LMC-1D3S-2000 50 7



Principle of operation: grain material comes onto the vibration pan, where it gets broken up and distributed for feeding into the drum-type pre-cleaner which separates small impurities, dust, cracked grain, small-seed plant grains. Further on, the product enters the next pan, where large straws are removed from the staple crops.


Simple and reliable design;

Highly dust-tight and weather-resistant;

Possible installation on outdoor platforms;

Screens of various types and dimensions for all grain sizes;

Polymer-covered loading and discharging parts as an option to extend the service life;

A large number of separating configurations;

Capacity from 10 tonnes/hour to 150 tonnes/hour depending on the commodity, moisture content and number of separations;

The biggest area of screens among cleaning machinery.