Twister Flat-Bottom Bins



The flat-bottom bins are an optimal means of long-term storage for all kinds of grain. The silo consists of a cylindrical section and a roof which are mounted onto a foundation. It is designed for storage of dried and cleaned seed material of cereal crops, maize and rape. The bins are used at various grain handling and storage enterprises like grain elevators, feed plants, mills and fat & oil processing factories.

The flat-bottom bins are positioned on concrete foundations either using pile footing or on a gravel bedding depending on the geological situation. A perforated floor and air chutes can be installed in the foundation form at the customer’s request. The bin is emptied via side discharge augers, with the employment of bin sweeps for complete clean-out.

The Twister Flat-Bottom bin package consists of:

Steel form for the foundation

Unloading and sweep auger

Aeration system ( perforated floor)

Keho fan for the aeration system (15 or 30 hp)

Wall sheet kit

Roof sheet kit


Wind rings


Filler cap

Service door (round)


Installation materials


One of the major distinguishing features of Twister bins is side rather than bottom unloading. This is possible due to the standard fitted unloading and sweep augers. Foundation design technologies are becoming considerably easier and cheaper since underground conveyors are no longer necessary.

Aeration and monitoring

All Twister bins are equipped with an aeration system which includes a powerful fan, a perforated floor and roof vents. The accurate temperature monitoring system ensures control of grain temperature in each separate bin as well as the whole system of bins on the same control panel.


Twister supplies a steel concrete form with every bin. This steel form makes it easy to create a perfectly level foundation and instead of being bolted to concrete, the bin is bolted to the steel concrete-filled form. This eliminates the necessity for a water-collecting outer ledge, and because the bin is bolted to steel flanges, this steel-to-steel connection is easy to caulk.

Specifications of TWISTER flat bottom bins:

Model Holding capacity, t(wheat, 0,8 t/m3 density) Volume, m3 Diameter, m Height, m
TWISTER FB 32-8 500 625 9.7 10.1
TWISTER FB 32-12 700 880 9.7 13.7
TWISTER FB 44-8 1,010 1,300 13.6 11.3
TWISTER FB 44-10 1,220 1,600 13.6 13.1
TWISTER FB 44-12 1,500 1,850 13.6 14.1
TWISTER FB 48-12 2,000 2,440 14.5 17.9
TWISTER FB 60-12 3,200 3,900 18.2 19.1
TWISTER FB 72-15 5,600 6,990 21.8 23.4