Twister Hopper-Bottom Bins



The TWISTER hopper-bottom bins are designed not only for long-term but also for interim storage of grain prior to and following such production operations as drying or cleaning. The Hopper-bottom bins are used at various enterprises such as grain elevators, poultry factories, mills and feed-processing plants as reliable storage equipment. They can be applied for loading grain into lorries and railway transport.

The bin is loaded/unloaded through the central openings at the top and at the bottom. The bottom of the bin is a reversed cone formed by steel segments with the angle of slope providing an optimum grain load out by free-flow.

The Hopper-Bottom Bin is similar in construction of the roof and the cylindrical part (hopper top) to the Flat-Bottom Bin.

The hopper support is a steel construction carrying the load from the bin and the product contained in it. The support structure is installed with high-strength grip bolts with minimum use of welding. The cone is produced with bolt together steel plates and has a full 45° slope. The bearing legs are located on the concrete foundation, on pile footing.

  Capacity Diameter Overall Height Shipping weight (gross weight)
Model tonnes metres metres kg
HB14-4 54 4.2 7.4 1,434
HB14-5 64 4.2 8.4 1,564
HB14-6 74 4.2 9.3 1,715
HB14-7 85 4.2 10.2 1,877
HB19-4 107 5.8 8.5 3,036
HB19-5 127 5.8 9.4 3,216
HB19-6 147 5.8 10.4 3,442
HB19-7 167 5.8 11.3 3,671
HB22-5 180 6.8 10.1 4,746
HB22-6 206 6.8 11.0 5,010
HB22-7 233 6.8 11.9 5,327
HB22-8 260 6.8 12.8 5,644


The Twister hopper-bottom bin package consists of:

Steel skid foundation

Wall sheet kit

Roof sheet kit

Hopper bottom sheet kit


Wind rings

Aeration system (optional)

Keho fan for the aeration system (optional)


Filler cap

Discharge slide gate

Service door (round)

Vents (optional)

Aeration and control

The aeration system is available as an option. At the customer’s request, temperature cables can be installed in each silo individually or in an entire storage facility and controlled from a single monitor.