GEA Farm Technologies Rubber Covers


GEA Farm Technologies Rubber Covers

Rubber cover prevents animal health problems, brings the housing conditions close to natural. The cover produces favourable effect to animals’ hoof condition and behavior, which in its turn affects performance in a positive way. The cover is suitable for solid and grating floors, installation is performed with due account for the structural peculiarities of the barn.


— rhigh class rubber;

— rshape stability and flexibility;

— roptimum profile preventing slippage;

— rsealed joints block dirt ingress under the mat;

— rease of fitting;

— rease of cleaning and disinfection;

— rwear resistance;

— rcompliance with sanitation standards;

— rprevents cows from hoof diseases, reduces load to lower extremities.

GEA FarmTechnologies group and individual drinking troughs

Fresh, clean drinking water is a guarantee of a cow’s health and high quality of milk. EkoNiva offers various models of group and individual drinking troughs manufactured by GEA FarmTechnologies.


— rmanufactured from hygienic material;

— rcomfortable access to water;

— rquick and easy cleaning;

— rflow valve with a high capacity;

— rmaintenance of constant optimum water level;

— rprotection against freezing;

— rhigh wear resistance.