TopStar BvL Silage Block Cutter



The TopStar mounted silage block cutter is designed for smooth cutting and intake of silage from silos for subsequent loading to transport vehicles or feed mixers. Unsurpassed cutting quality is achieved thanks to the BvL dual-active knife. The machine’s high durability is due to a robust and reliable design. The enclosed cutting unit with sealed engine compartments and slide plane is driven by one operating cylinder, ensuring high reliability of the machine. Strong protection of all moving elements results in a long service life. The narrow cutting unit requires a small feed effort for silage cutting.

The impeccable quality of silage cutting and preservation of silage structure eventually results in reduced feed losses. TopStar equipment can be used with all front loaders, telehandlers and tractors allowing for three-point mounting.

Model TopStar 110 TopStar 145 TopStar 170 TopStar 195
Capacity, m3 1,65 2,15 2,55 2,95
Block size, m 1,85х0,8х1,1 1,85х0,8х1,45 1,85х0,8х1,7 1,85х0,8х1,95
Overall dimensions, m 2,0х1,25х1,92 2,0х1,25х2,28 2,0х1,25х2,52 2,0х1,3х2,8
Net weight, kg 540 585 610 640