GEA Farm Technologies Foot Care


The GEA Farm Technologies professional foot care products ensure outstanding hoof care. The Pedico agents make foot health maintenance a breeze. The product range includes pre-cleaners and disinfectants.


PedicoPre is a special concentrated cleaner for preliminary foot cleaning before disinfectant footbath.


PedicoSan – is a concentrated disinfectant used as a footbath applecation. It has been specifically designed for the primary bath.

The effective disinfectant concentrate kills germs and reduces the risk of contagious deceases. It is a reliable and effective product against bacteria. Simpleinuse. Suitable for baths both with manual and automatic control.


PedicoTop is a spray for foot disinfection applied to the hoof undiluted. This saves time and prevents mistakes in mixing. PedicoTop reliably prevents infection from spreading. The 1-litre sprayer is extremely useful for individual application.