GEA Farm Technologies Herd Management Software


The font of information with new reproduction management

The system ensures improved performance and pays maximum attention to customer support: information gathered by components of the DPNet network enables DairyManagementSystem 21 to record individual animal and system relevant data. Data is transferred and evaluated by the DairyPlan herd management software. The result is that you can reliably obtain all data at a glance, including activity, feed consumption, milk yield - the software's analysis of the production data produces a constant reflection of the performance and behaviour of each animal. Clear evaluations for each animal in terms of the specific animal groups provide the basis for early intervention in all areas.


Thy system ensures enhanced performance and pays maximum attention to customer support. Adapted to farm and animal specifics, the peripherals are automatically controlled, e.g. stimulation with Metatron 21. Further automated features of the DPNet network, such as the operation of entry and exit gates, help you to optimise working routines in the milking parlour.