GEA Farm Technologies Dairy Management System


With the new Metatron P21/S21 electronic parlour “manager”, you will always be up-to-date with all production processes: milk flow, individual animal performance, etc. Metatron also precisely controls the milking process optimizing the workflow at the same time. Metatron P21 (management version) and Metatron S21 (milking parlor version) can be integrated. Metatron 21 covers all the incoming data and transfers them to the DairyPlan C21 programme. After a comparison with the stored values the information is presented graphically. With the help of Metatron MB meter body, the milk flow rate and the exact yield are calculated.

Metatron Meter Body

Metatron meter body measures the exact milk yield for each cow. Simultaneously with the assessment of performance, the measurements of the conductivity of milk are taken, supplying another important piece of information.


— Automatic milk yield recording;

— A signal indicator for on the Metatron device or in DairyPlan C21 program in case of deviations in yields or conductivity;

— Input and indication of individual alarm signals, bucket signals, do not milk;

— Indicator of high activity– sends signals of animals in heat;

— Mixed feed consumption rate.