GEA Farm Technologies Multibox-Systems


MIone: Greater Pleasure for milking

The MIone will free you from rigid milking times. You can achieve an optimum level of flexibility both for the development of your farm as well as for your personal time management. The special thing about the MIone is that it is not placed as an isolated set of equipment somewhere in the milking parlor, but is an intelligent integral part of a sound overall concept. The crucial element of this is the idea of a milking centre with the MIone at the heart of it. As the cows determine their own milking time, you are left with more time for herd management or other activities, which otherwise must always come further down your to-do list. In this respect, the proven milking technology of GEA Farm Technologies offers high milk quality combined with the optimum comfort for your cows.

The main aspects of this new development are

· the well thought through barn design: individually tailored to meet your needs

· expandability: Is your farm growing? The MIone grows with it.

· the modular multibox principle: 1 to 5 box installations by easy flanging together of existing modules

· the "milking centre" concept: the concentration of all important areas to do with milking in a single location

In reality, it will not only be just you, your farm or your time plan that profits from MIoneMultibox-Systems working mode: After just a short time each of the animals will regularly go into the comfortable milking stall in keeping with their own cycle. Here they will be served by the mobile attachment robot.

The rest is a pleasant routine: Day after day, night after night and always with the same precision.

Locating of the teats with the help of a 3D-direct camera system

With the latest and unique teat locating technology from GEA Farm Technologies the position of the teats on the udder are detected quickly and unambiguously. At the core of the system is a 3D-direct camera secured to the application arm. The camera simultaneously sees the teat-cups and the teat, brings both directly in relation to each other, and thus ensures that attaching is both quick and secure. Another advantage of this technology compared to conventional systems is the lack of sensitivity to oblique sources of light.

Furthermore, the process allows the camera to be mounted in a position, where it is best protected against dirt and possible kicks of the animals. As, in the MultiBox concept, the robot arm for placing the teat-cup immediately moves on to the next stall or next cow after having carried out its task and never remains under the cow during milking. The system additionally ensures that the risk of possible damage is further reduced.