GEA Farm Technologies Milking Parlours


Regardless of herd size, facilities and personnel available, GEA Farm Technologies has designed milking parlours, milking equipment, milking management software and washer/flush systems to fit your needs.

Milking process takes up most of the working time at dairies. Therefore, the first thing to take into account when choosing a milking parlour is labour costs required for milking operations.

— Carousel

Over 10 years ago, the AutoRotor Milking Parlours brought revolution to milk production around the world. Today a caroussel milking parlour means a higher throughput, reliability and general system optimization. The AutoRotor system increases the throughput rate and enhances the operating capacity while minimizing labour costs.

Installation of Carousel milking parlours is most sound at large commercial dairy farms with a total herd of over 1,000 head.


— maximum throughput, optimal animal positioning;

— operation ease;

— milking efficiency at a uniform, moderate operator load;

— excellent vacuum distribution;

— modern hydraulic drive ensuring a smooth start of motion and a quiet flow of the rotating platform;

— cost-saving power consumption;

— reliability, long useful life.

Model Throughput, head*h/stall Number of stalls Dairy head count Exterior rotor diameter, m
Magnum 40 (interior milking) 5,0-5,5 32 800-880 14.6
36 900-990 16.0
40 1,000-1,100 18.2
Global 90 (exterior milking) 5,0-5,5 32 800-880 10.5
36 900-990 11.7
40 1,000-1,100 12.9
60 1,500-1,650 18.8


— Parallel Milking Parlour (“Side-by-Side”)

GEA FarmTechnologies has developed a wide product range of Side-by-Side milking parlours.

Parallel is an option for automated milking of a herd exceeding 400 head. The milking unit is available in a number of modifications from 2х6 to 2х24 milking stalls. When cows are placed side-by-side, the length of the parlor is significantly reduced resulting in shorter operator’s working path.


— comparatively small dimensions combined with high throughput;

— quick cow entrance/exit;

— system of “pushing” cows to the edge of the milking pit;

— high capacity;

— compact stall positioning;

— safe construction.

Model Throughput, head*h/stall Number of stalls Dairy herd/head count Exterior rotor diameter, m
ComfortTop 4.5-5.0 2х6 270-300 5.8х11.0
2х12 540-600 10.3х11.5
2х16 720-800 13.2х12.0
Global 90i   2х6 270-300 4.5х10.8
2х12 540-600 8.8х11.4
2х16 720-800 11.7х11.4
2х24 1080-1200 17.5х12.3

— Herringbone milking parlour

Herringbone is a classic milking parlour to fit a state-of-the-art livestock complex with a dairy herd from 240 to 1,000 head. This is the exact range of parameters recommended for the model lineup.


— convenient side access to udder;

— equipment of the milking stall according to the principle of block construction;

— individually adjustable brisket bar;

— electronic gate control;

— reliability and performance of construction.

Model Throughput, head*h/place Number of places Herd size Exterior rotor diameter, m
EuroClass800 4,0-4,5 2х6 240-270 6.9х6.0
2х12 480-540 11.7х6.0
2х16 640-720 14.9х6.0
EuroClass 800 RE 4.5-5.0 2х10 450-500 10.6х11.7
2х16 720-800 15.4х11.7
2х20 900-1000 18.6х12.0
EuroClass 850 4.0-4.5 2х6 240-270 7.2х6.0
2х12 480-540 12.3х6.0
2х16 640-720 15.7х6.0
EuroClass 1200 4.0-4.5 2х6 240-270 9.2х5.1
2х12 480-540 16.4х5.1
EuroClass 1200 RE 4.5-5.0 2х10 450х500 14.5х10.8
2х16 720х800 21.6х11.4
Global 45 4.0-4.5 2х6 240-270 6.9х10.8
2х12 480-540 13.8 х10.8
2х16 640-720 18.4х11.4
2х24 960-1080 27.6х12.3