John Deere Field Balers


John Deere

— Adjustable bale length from 0.3 to 1.3 m

— Separate section for fitting 4 to 6 rolls of twine

— Low power consumption

— Quick detachable cutting blades

— Binding mechanism compensator is fitted for smoother and more precise operation

— Adjustable compaction

— Open drive reducer of the compacting piston

Model 459
Output, ha/h 7.2
Picker grip width, m 2.00
Baler overall dimensions, m 0.36х0.46х0.3-1.3
Number of picker teeth 168
Screw length, m 1.3
Entry channel area, cm2 1,914
Number of piston strokes, stroke/min. 100
Overall dimensions:  
Length in transport mode, mm 5,140
Height, mm 1,470
Width, mm 2,910
Machine weight, kg 1,505
Required power, kW/hp above 60/80