John Deere 600C series Maize Reapers


John Deere

Works together only with combine harvesters 9570 STS and 9670 STS

Reaper transportation width 3.0 m

Series C StalkMaster reapers have a new crusher design

Capability of harvesting maize in any direction

High profile pickup chains for heavy duty jobs

Reaper height sensor

Contour-Master ground-hugging system

Automatic control system on the RowSenseTM maize reaper with a navigation capability

A feeder screw (660 mm in diameter) is fitted to increase the output

Take-in fingers on the entire length of the screw ensure smooth delivery of the mass to the inclined chamber

New replaceable linings compensate for wear

Folding end dividers for maintenance

Model 606С 608С 612С
Number of rows 6 8 12
Row step, cm 70/75 70/75 70/75
Reaper grip width, m 2.4 2.4 2.4
Reaper length, m 4.8 6.35 9.4
Weight, kg 1,961 2,568 3,783