Kverneland KM Trailed Disc Mowers



These trailed mowers have been designed for mowing and conditioning natural and sown grass, as well as mixed grass. The working width is from 2.8 to 4 m. The mower is driven by the PTO shaft with the overrun clutch. The cutter bar consists of a bar and 8 triangular discs, with 3 knives each, ensuring a perfect cut. The cutting height is set by turning the top

linkage on the left arm and makes 3-4 cm. When hitting an obstacle, the cutter bar lifts up and swings back, thus protecting the knives from breaking. The full swivel hitch gives the machine excellent maneuverability. The mower can be trailed by class 1.4 tractors.

Model KM 3200
Performance, ha/h 3.2
Working width, m 3.2
Operating speed, km/h 8-15
PTO-speed, rpm 540
Number of cutting discs/ knives 8/24
Linkage category II linkage pin
Weight, kg 1,000
Required horsepower, Kw (hp) 60 (80)
Country of manufacture Holland

Improvements to KM trailed mowers

A three-knife rotor allows cutting at high speed (up to 30 km/h).

one of the knives is always operating;

elimination of blind spots when mowing.

The modular design of the cutter bar ensures quick change of broken parts without disassembling the bar.

triple labyrinth seal prevents penetration of water and dirt;

protection from grass winding.

Support bars provide the cutter bar with full protection.

front, top and bottom support;

a flat surface prevents the build-up of soil.

Use of adjustable coil springs in design of the independent Free Float Suspension System ensures perfect ground contour following without risk of breaking the machine.

operation at high speed with considerable cutting height and on slopes;

easy adjustment of the cutting height without any tools;

maximum protection from hitting various obstacles;

stone guards under the cutter bar;

low maintenance of the cutter bar.