John Deere Self-propelled Mower Reapers


John Deere

Rotary reapers 994 and 995

Low profile rotary cutting tool ensures smooth cutting in handling stiff and high stem plants and difficult crops

The rotary-finger type of the tool pulls material through the crusher arch, removing the waxy layer from the stems, while crusher rollers evenly crush the plants.

Screw reaper 896

The reciprocally moving double blades cut the crop at a speed of 1,800 strokes per minute. Double screws with dense winding support the smooth flow of the vegetation mass to the crushing device.

Model 896screw type 994rotary type 995rotary type
Operating width, m 4.274.885.49 3.964.42 4.88
Thrust unit А400R450 R450 R450
Crushing system:      
  Polyurethane rolls Polyurethane rolls Polyurethane rolls
  Rolls V-10 Rolls V-10 Rolls V-10
  Rolls Tri-Lobe Rolls Tri-Lobe Rolls Tri-Lobe
    Rotary-finger type of device
Crushing area:      
Width, m 268 268 268
Diameter, mm 254 254 254