John Deere 600D series Grain Reapers


John Deere

Canvas conveyor system with auxiliary transfer drum for delivery of cut herbage to inclined chamber

HydraFloat ТМ exclusive ground-hugging system

Automatic cut height regulation system (Automatic Height Control, AHC), minimum cut height 35 mm

HydraFloat height sensors

The reaper is transported by means of pneumatic wheels on a shock-absorbing suspension

No need for transportation cart (trolley)

Headertrack automatic reaper control system

Double cutter drive system

Feeding drum, increased to 400 mm

Full width support shoes

Automatic reel reverse

Quick detachable electro-hydraulic coupling

Reapers are made from high quality composite metal and are damage- and corrosion-proof

Model 625D 630D 635D
Reaper grip width, m 7.62 9.15 10.7
Reaper length, m 2.50 2.50 2.50
Weight, kg 3,000 3,225 3,495